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The menu at the top of the page shows the main sections of the site. The selected item is highlighted in lighter color.

The main sections are divided into chapters that are listed at the left.

Moreover, some of the chapters have been divided into shorter passages which are listed on top right corner.

The magnifying glass icon at the title bar opens a search section where you can search this site for specific words and phrases.

The question mark icon opens this help section, which also includes information about the authors and about the sources used.

In the bottom right corner of some pictures there is a numeric icon, which indicates that a sequence of pictures can be viewed by clicking the picture with mouse.

In order to view the panoramic images, the Apple QuickTime 3 must be installed. You can get the program from the Apple homepage.

Listening to the audio samples requires RealAudio G2 player, which can be downloaded from the RealNetworks site .