3 Nov. After noon I went with Ensign Ståhlberg from Pajakka some 4 km to Kuhmoniemi, then another 5 km to Häkkilä. I continued alone from there to Tuhkiniemi, from where I rode 7 km to the house of the surveyor in Lammasperä. No one had yet crossed the ice this autumn; it was only three days old and one could hear it groaning.

5 Nov. From surveyor Kähköinen's to Kesseli, first 5 km on foot to Maalinen then another 10 km by sledge. Everywhere one can see signs of Kekri, which was celebrated last Friday. The beer was not good. Pies. Foods with fish, swedes and potato everywhere. There were many avid readers everywhere, and the poems I had with me were always very welcome indeed. There were certain passage in particular that people enjoyed and that made them burst out laughing. And amazingly, the same things that excite people in one place, excite in another.

6 Nov. Yesterday I hiked 30 km from Kesseli to Kolvasjärvi under the most appalling conditions. There was 8 cm of snow on the ground and I was slipping constantly. I stopped for the night at the Huotari's, that is Martiina's.

7 Nov. We covered 15 km yesterday by horse from Kolvasjärvi to Repola. We went overland, not across the lake, because the ice was still too thin. We fell five times, the last in a real muddy spot, too. The vicar of Repola was away, over in Roukkula.

9 Nov. I came 10 km from Kolvasjärvi to Kesseli yesterday on horseback and then covered 20 km on foot in snow 20 cm deep. I spent yesterday morning in Kesseli, where it was amusing to see people at a church service sitting in a long row on the last bench. Everyone joined in in beautiful song, hymnals in hand. The only unpleasant thing in this beautiful scene was my Russian guide who had had a few drinks too many and tried to yell now and then. In the afternoon I went 5 km to Korkiavaara, where I recorded a few poems sung by an old, blind man. I spent the night there.

11 Nov. Yesterday I went 5 km from Korkiavaara to Selkävaara and rode 2½ km to Malinen, where I continued on horseback 5 km to Lammasperä and another 15 km to Kuhmoniemi. I rode along Lake Lammasselkä again in the beginning.

12 Nov. Spent the morning with Ensign Ståhlberg, who also came to Pajakka in the morning. We played cards until the evening.