Keckman again received news of Lönnrot's itinerary, as the latter set out on the second phase of his trip:

Kajaani 26 May 1837.
Dear Brother, I've been waiting here three weeks already for the ice to thaw, and it has now broken up. I am off again to Vuokkiniemi. From there I will head southeast between the White Sea and the Finnish border and keep going as long as I find people speaking Finnish. ...

This time Lönnrot wrote a detailed account of his travels in Kainuu as well, including many interesting incidents.

The trip continued across the border and ended back on the Finnish side in Sortavala at the end of August. After that, Lönnrot continued collecting poems in Savo and Finnish Karelia before returning to Kajaani in November.

Väinö Kaukonen points out that Lönnrot's collections have surprisingly few notes on what he found during the early part of his trip; the latter part yielded much more material - with the exception of narrative poems, of which only some 1.100 lines were collected. For example, Lönnrot recorded 5.900 lines of lyric poems and spells, as well as proverbs, riddles and fairy tales.