Previous researchers have been inconsistent in their records of Lönnrot's ninth field trip. Two separate trips have been recorded as a single journey, probably in this case because the first of these was "doubtless customary work-related travel in part, which we did not count as a poetry-collecting trip" (A.R. Niemi). The fourth and sixth field trips were also normal work-related travel in part. In addition, Kaukonen points out, this work-related trip yielded 23 poems (350 lines) in Akonlahti alone, whereas Lönnrot's "official" poetry-collecting trip, that is, the one he undertook while on leave of absence, produced only 80 poems (800 lines).

Lönnrot wrote the following letter to Doctor Rabbe on 11 October, when he had returned from his field trip.

An account of the early phase of the "official trip" has survived.